Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
FirmwareAPI Class Reference


Provides access to firmware-related functionality of connected Grabba devices.

This API provides the ability to query Grabba device firmware; additional functions relating to firmware upgrading will be added in a future release.

Calls to this class will not succeed until a connection to a Grabba device has been established. Refer to the CoreAPI class for details of how to establish or query this connection.

Thread safety: This class is fully thread-safe.

This class has no non-static methods or data; consequently, object creation is disabled.

Static Public Member Functions

static String version ()
 Query the firmware version number of a connected Grabba device. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ version()

static String version ( )

Query the firmware version number of a connected Grabba device.

This is a non-blocking call; the driver caches the firmware version number internally.

Firmware version number string (e.g. "G1-O v2.1.200") of the connected device if there is one, otherwise an empty string.