Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
ErrorCode.Code Enum Reference


Set of supported error codes.

The position and ordering of these enumerators is likely to change, with the exception of NO_ERROR, which should always have an underlying representation of 0 and be the lowest-numbered value in the type. Any code which uses the ErrorCode class must not make assumptions about the underlying value or ordering of any of the other enumerators; codes must only be accessed using the enumerator names rather than raw values.

Public Attributes

 Operation failed due to authentication not succeeding.
 Operation failed due to the hardware being busy with another request.
 Operation failed because the driver had not previously been opened.
 Operation failed because the current hardware does not have the necessary capability.
 Operation failed due to an illegal argument being supplied.
 Operation failed due to an internal error in the driver.
 Operation failed due to a low-level input/output error.
 No error was detected; continue processing.
 Operation failed due to lack of exclusive access to the hardware.
 Operation failed because the driver did not have a connection to the device, or the existing connection was lost.
 Proxcard operation failed due to a collision between transmissions
 Proxcard operation failed due to there not being a card in the reader's field
 An attempt was made to power up a smart card which had already been powered up.
 error response was received from smart card or smart card reader
 Smartcard operation was requested on an interface that isn't present in the connected Grabba device
 Smartcard operation on an interface which doesn't contain a card, or card was removed mid-operation
 Data exchange was requested to a smart card which had not been powered up.
 Smart card PPS exchange was requested at an invalid time (i.e. after other PPS or APDU exchange request(s))
 One or more of the parameters in a smart card PPS request was rejected by the Grabba device or the smart card.
 Response was not received from a smart card within the allocated time period.