Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
ProxcardTypeID Enum Reference


Enumeration of supported RFID/proximity card types.

This is typically used in conjunction with the ProxcardData class, where it provides identification of card/tag types upon successful scans.

The UNKNOWN value is a sentinel which signifies that the card/tag could not be detected (e.g. if it does not match any of the supported types); the other values all represent legitimate types.

Not all card/tag types are supported by all proxcard reader types.
See also
ProxcardData for the most common usage of this type, and for a method which generates string representations of the IDs.

Public Attributes

 EM4x02 card.
 EM4x05 card.
 EM4x50 card.
 FeliCa card.
 HID proximity card.
 Hitag 1 card.
 Hitag 2 card.
 iClass card
 iClass programmed ID card
 ICode card.
 ICode PC card.
 ICode SLI card.
 ICode UID card.
 ISO 14443 type A card.
 ISO 14443 type B card.
 ISO 14443 type C card.
 ISO 15693 card.
 LRI512 card.
 Mifare card.
 Mifare 4K card.
 MifareProx card.
 Mifare UL card.
 Q5 card.
 SLE55RXX card.
 SLE66CL160S card.
 SR176 card.
 SRF55VXXP card.
 SRF55VXXS card.
 Tagit card.
 Tagit HFI card.
 TempSense card.
 TI RFID card.
 UHF card.
 Unknown card type (sentinel value)