Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
SmartcardBaud Enum Reference


Set of driver-supported baud parameter (Di) values as per ISO/IEC 7816-3.

This enumeration lists the valid values for parameter Di, which is the indicated value of the baud rate adjustment integer.

The representation used here matches that of the lower (less significant) nibble of bytes TA1 (ATR) and PPS1 (PPS) in ISO/IEC 7816-3.

The default value is D1 (Di = 1).

Public Attributes

 Di = 1.
 Di = 12.
 Di = 16.
 Di = 2.
 Di = 20.
 Di = 32.
 Di = 4.
 Di = 64.
 Di = 8.