Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
SmartcardInterfaceID Enum Reference


Enumeration of contact smart card interfaces.

For Grabba devices containing more than one contact smart card interface, this enumeration allows selection of which interface (and, if present, card) is to be accessed for each command (e.g. APDU exchange).

Contact smart card interfaces provided by Grabba devices fall into one of two categories:

  • Slot - holds a full-sized (ISO/IEC 7816 ID-1) smart card, which may be inserted or removed at any time
  • SAM (Secure Access Module) - holds a miniature (ISO/IEC 7816 ID-0) card, which can't be inserted or removed when the device is powered on

Grabba devices with contact smart card support will contain either a slot interface, a SAM interface, or both. Devices with more than one slot interface and/or more than one SAM interface may be added in future, but are not supported by the current version of the driver.

Public Attributes

 First SAM interface (if present)
 First slot interface (if present)