Grabba Driver for Android
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the Android operating system
Package com.grabba.driver.barcode


Support for barcode reader hardware in Grabba devices.

This package provides barcode reader functionality and related types. It is relevant only when interfacing with Grabba devices that contain a barcode reader.

Currently only the x2xx, x3xx, x4xx and x5xx device series are supported; support for other devices will be added in subsequent releases.


class  BarcodeAPI
 Provides access to Grabba barcode reader functionality, such as triggering barcode scans. More...
class  BarcodeData
 Class encapsulating barcode data plus the ID of the associated symbology. More...
interface  BarcodeInterface
 Interface class for Grabba barcode reader events. More...
class  BarcodeListener
 Base class for receiving events related to scanning barcodes. More...
enum  BarcodeSymbology
 Enumeration of supported barcode symbologies. More...